Why join?

Holland Selection - A Mark of Quality

Holland Selection is the quality mark for flower bulbs, tubers, perennials and other agricultural products from the Netherlands. As a bearer of the quality mark, you show consumers the level of quality you deliver, namely the very best the Netherlands has to offer. This is how we distinguish ourselves in the market; top quality is immediately recognisable.

Requirements for participating companies

All terms and conditions that we set for participation are described in a set of regulations. On the basis of an entry assessment, we check whether a company meets our requirements before they may join us.

Quality system requirements

Regarding quality system requirements, your company must satisfy the following:

  1. Management systems in place for quality, the environment and safety, occupational and otherwise. This has been achieved through ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certification, or comparable management systems.
  2. Your company complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Your company pursues a concrete CSR policy and is fully transparent.

Requirements for the packaging of horticultural products

Regarding quality requirements for gardening products, your company must also include, among other things, the following information on the packaging:

  1. A full and clear description of the product.
  2. Plant passport: this is proof that the producer complies with the applicable rules and requirements set in the Plant Heath Directive (200/29/EC) and that the company is subject to an inspection regime by an inspection body. This is necessary in order to be able to trade products within the European Union.
  3. A unique code for the retail sector
  4. Package contents
  5. A unique code with regard to full transparency (Tracking & Tracing)
  6. Informative user instructions
  7. Recommended sell-by date
  8. Information to enable consumers to approach the Holland Selection Quality Mark Foundation direct with any comments and criticism they may have.


Holland Selection applies strict guidelines to guarantee quality. Your company must meet the set requirements in order to become a member of the Holland Selection Quality Mark Foundation. The procedure for this is as follows.


You register your company using the registration form. Our advisor will contact you for an initial intake interview.


An inspection will take place at your company, during which all the above requirements will be assessed.


Upon compliance, you will receive the material to add the quality mark to your products.

A system inspection will be conducted every six months to regularly assess the quality of your products. Being a foundation, participants pay an annual contribution to cover the associated costs. With this contribution, each participant actively contributes to the quality mark and its enforcement.



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